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This is so powerful, I am going to use this in my own classroom one day. I could go on and on about the importance of practical, concrete examples for children and adolescent to understand concepts, develop empathy and perspective taking. I plan to build up a repertoire of hands on examples, yay for teaching! 

wow this really does put bullying into a practical perspective for children and adolescence to understand.

"Adolescents": Cliques & Crowds


Cliques are small groups that range from 2 to around 12 individuals, typically being around 5 or 6. Members are frequently the same age and sex and form due to similar interest, but may occur purely from friendship.

Groups are larger than cliques and less personal. Crowds may…

when your a student them it’s easier to distinguish between each cliques even with uniform as different cliques have different ways of greeting, talking, acting and they also seem to have different ways of wearing their uniform

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